Easiest Way to Create Your Own IG Highlight Covers (With Pics)


Hey you! Do you use Instagram story highlights? I know you do. If not... hello?! What are you waiting for?

I’m going to assume you all do. Wondering how to make them more recognizable to your followers? How to use them to better engage those followers and build your brand? Custom Instagram highlight covers are the answer!

But that brings up another big issue; how do you create a really good one -no a GREAT one- if you don't have a lot of design experience and/or a ton of money to spend?

By default, if you make use of Instagram highlights (and you really should) Insta just picks the first image you added to use as the cover. Boring. Even if it's the best picture ever it won't do much to help let people know who you are or why they should follow you. Only a custom highlights cover can do that. So let's get down to the nitty gritty right now; how to create and customize an Instagram highlights cover to boost your brand and your reputation.

Let’s go!


Insta Stories 1

Step 1:

First, fire up your phone and download the “Spark Post” app. It’s free for both iOS and Android, so that’s a bonus right there!

Once the app is installed and open, click the green circle with the plus sign to start a new project.

Insta Stories 2

Step 2:

When the options screen pops up, choose ‘Solid color.’

Insta Stories 3

Step 3:

Choose the color or background of your choice. Make sure the color you choose matches your brand!

This is all about creating a recognizable Instagram presence after all. Also, don’t be scared to play around with patterns or other types of background designs.

Insta Stories 4

Step 4:

This is important! Choose Instagram Story size. Nothing else will work! Click done.

Insta Stories 5

Step 5:

Delete the text that will come up. It’s easy to do that, you just tap and click the trash can on the top right.

Insta Stories 6

Step 6:

Click the “+” sign (add).

Insta Stories 7

Step 7:

This screen pops up next. Here’s where you’ll choose to add the icon that will come up on your highlight.

Insta Stories 8

Step 8:

Choose your icons. Again, give it some thought. Make sure it represents you and your brand. There are tons to choose from so spend a little time going through them to find just the right one.

Insta Stories 9

Step 9:

Size the icon and center it. Again, this is super easy as it’s just drop and drag.

Insta Stories 10

Step 10:

Export as “Solid color (JPEG)”.

Insta Stories 11

Step 11:

Share it with the world!



Voilà! With a custom highlights cover in place, you can up your Instagram game a notch and really start to build a brand people recognize as yours. One more thing...make sure you don't violate any copyright laws friend! 

If you’re just not the “techie” kind of person, you can find many templates and presets right here. Also make sure to sign up to the newsletter to get freebies! Who doesn’t like freebies?