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A native of Barranquilla, Colombia, Stephanie is a four-time Emmy-nominated news reporter at Univision in the Greater Los Angeles area. She previously worked as a reporter and anchor at Univision in Raleigh, NC and at Telemundo in Washington, DC.

Since completing her Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism, Stephanie has researched, filmed, and edited numerous enterprise and investigative stories. One of those investigations prompting a Homeland Security Investigation. In addition to her career as an investigative reporter and digital content creator, she became a documentary filmmaker in 2011.

A few years ago Stephanie embarked in this journey to create a different brand of news, News Quickies. A brand that incorporates news, social media, lifestyle, creativity and people. A brand that pioneers the way how news is delivered and consumed through social media. News Quickies are short, fun and casual video explanations of today’s top headlines, deviating from traditional news outlets and styles. News Quickies are your no B.S. news outlet with a hint of personality. News Quickies is a way for Stephanie to embrace who she is: a millennial and an immigrant.



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